Thursday, September 24, 2015

AMI Spotlight : Radiologic Technologists of Brick

The Radiologic Technologists from the Brick Office are in the AMI Spotlight. This office has 20 technologists who are certified in the specific modalities offered at this location including MRI, CT scan, ultrasound, echocardiogram and x-ray exams.  Their goal is to provide each patient with the best imaging experience possible by proving excellent patient care, assisting each patient through their exam and to answer any questions a patient may have.

Meet our x-ray technologists Janet, Diane and Suzanne. Janet (left) has been with AMI for five years and believes the staff is what makes this a great office! Making sure each patient is treated properly and ensuring they are comfortable is Janet's main concern. When she isn't at work, she enjoys gardening and vacationing in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Diane (center) has also been with AMI for five years.  Making the patients comfortable and knowing they can leave with a smile is what she finds most rewarding. Diane spends her free time at the beach or with her friends. Every year, she takes a trip to Florida with her family and dog!

Suzanne (right) looks forward to seeing the patients each day. Hearing them say thank you is what she finds the most rewarding. Suzanne sees her co-workers as family, and believes this is what makes the Brick office a great place to work. Outside of work, she looks forward to being with friends and family.

Meet our MRI technologists Vincent and Debbie. Vincent has been with Atlantic Medical Imaging for almost six years. He strives to meet the needs of both the patient and radiologist by ensuring his MRI scans are of the highest quality. When Vincent isn't at work, you can find him at his son's sports games or spending time with family.

Debbie has been an MRI technologists with AMI for ten years. She enjoys the team effort her and her co-workers experience in this office. Meeting the patients is what she looks forward to each work day. Debbie is also a volunteer with St. Justin's Center of Learning. She has been helping disabled children and adults meet their learning goals for the past 15 years! When she isn't working or volunteering, Debbie spends her time at the beach and walking her two dogs.

Next time you come to our Brick office for an exam say hello to our friendly technologists and continue to check our blog for more AMI Spotlight posts!


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