Friday, September 25, 2015

AMI Spotlight: Registered Nurse of Brick

Tim Manovill, B.S., R.N. 

The AMI Spotlight introduces you to Tim, our registered nurse in the Brick office. Tim has been with Atlantic Medical Imaging for five years, and was previously with NJ Diagnostic Imaging for nine years before it became AMI. As a registered nurse, Tim's job is to assist the radiologists in certain exams performed in the office, such as injection of IV contrast dye. He also takes patients medical history, monitors them during and after the procedure, and makes sure to thoroughly explain the procedure to them. Tim will also follow up with the referring physicians to ensure patient results are received.

Tim attributes his positive work attitude to his co-workers, who he has been able to work with for over ten years. The sense of family among the co-workers makes this office a great place to work. However, the most rewarding part of being a registered nurse for Tim is being able to help patients through their procedure. He believes that laughter is always the best medicine!

On his days off, Tim volunteers with the Manasquan Volunteer Fire Company. He has been involved with fire and rescue for over 35 years. Tim also enjoys fishing, gardening, and taking his dog for walks on the beach.

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