Tuesday, November 24, 2015

AMI Spotlight : IT Department

Atlantic Medical Imaging's Information Technology (IT) Department is in the AMI Spotlight! The IT Department develops, maintains, and supports our internal network of over 400 desktop workstations, digital medical equipment, networking equipment, operating systems, servers & telephone systems. In addition to maintaining existing systems, they are actively working to introduce new systems for areas such as electronic information management. 

The AMI Help Desk provides assistance to all AMI staff and is responsible for maintaining and supporting all business applications, computers, servers, printers and copiers. IT understands the importance and value of having access to reliable information at all times and is a source of guidance for technology issues for our staff

Meet our IT Department (from left to right), Matt, Dharmesh, Susan, Frank, Dorian, Tom and Mike.

Frank is the IT Manager and oversees the department and Help Desk operations. He is responsible for ensuring that the day to day IT operations are online and available 24/7. 

Dharmesh is the Senior IT Infrastructure Engineer. He oversees the maintenance and upgrades to the existing IT infrastructure. This includes network equipment, server and storage technology and firewall and security. 

Tom is the Senior PACS/RIS engineer. The RIS (radiology information system) is used to schedule patient appointments and record a patient's radiology history.  The PACS (picture archiving and communication system) is used to store, manage and retrieve medical images. The radiologists utilize the PACS system to access patient images.  Tom also works on setting policies and procedures to ensure industry standards are met, while protecting AMI data and HIPAA policies.

Susan is the Communications Coordinator and is responsible for managing and maintaining the telephone systems for AMI.  Susan is also part of the Help Desk support team. 

Dorian is the HL7 analyst. HL7 is an interface built specifically for the healthcare industry which transfers clinical and administrative data between software applications. Dorian is also part of the Help Desk Support team.

Matt and Mike, IT Help Desk Technicians, are responsible for the day to day IT Help Desk support and operations. When employees need software or hardware assistance they call the Help Desk.

The IT Department is an essential part of Atlantic Medical Imaging.  The team works tirelessly to ensure all systems are running properly and all data is protected 24/7.

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