Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Don't Wait to Show Off Your Legs!

For the month of March we have focused on venous disease and treatments available at The Vein Center at Atlantic Medical Imaging for those suffering from varicose or spider veins. 

Dr. Michael Schmidling answered your most popular questions questions in our previous posts, It's Time to Show Off Those Legs!, Are Your Legs Summer Ready?, & Start Loving Your Legs Again!. In this segment he continues covering information on who can schedule a consultation appointment, insurance coverage, and what to expect with your first appointment. 

Who should consider scheduling a consultation appointment?

If there are symptoms that concern you such as leg heaviness and aching, restless legs, night cramps, or swelling,  now is the time to schedule a consultation. Often, after a few brief screening questions, we can schedule a free consultation appointment with one of our physicians. 

Are men at risk for venous disease? 

Although varicose and spider veins are more common in women, men are also at risk to develop them. As with women, the risk is greater with age.

What can a patient expect from their first visit? 

If there are no bulging veins, patients are typically scheduled for a complimentary consultation. Patients will be seen in our vein center in Galloway Twp or Hammonton. If sclerotherapy of spider veins is all that is required, then an appointment for this treatment can be set. 

If there are more significant findings, such as varicose veins, patients will be scheduled for a complete consultation. In these complete consultations appointments a more complete medical history and physical examination will be performed. To develop a comprehensive treatment plan, an ultrasound of the legs will be performed and reviewed with you. 

Is this covered by insurance?

Treatment of larger varicose veins is considered symptomatic and  typically covered by insurance. Treatment of spider veins can be considered cosmetic and not typically covered by insurance.  

Should patients be advised of any precautions with these procedures?

For certain procedures patients are advised to stop blood thinners and aspirin prior to the treatment, if cleared by their physician. Remember, as always do not stop taking any medications without first discussing this with your doctor. This will also be discussed prior to scheduling your treatment appointment. 

To schedule a consultation with AMI's Vein Center, or to get more information, please call (609)-652-6094.  


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